Life insurance is an agreement between the assurer or insurer and the policy-holder. It is a situation wherein the assurer takes responsibility to pay the assigned beneficiary for a sum of money as agreed upon in the insurance policy. Payment is of monetary value charged to the insurance policy holder’s premium upon the latter’s death.

Here are a few of information you need to know about life insurance?

Why do you need it? Life insurance gives the beneficiary peace of mind in the event of their untimely death.

What are the categories and types of life insurance? It is important to understand the two categories  of life insurance which are the protection and investment policies. It also has three types including the  universal, whole, and term life insurance.

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Health insurance covers medical and dental expenses incurred by the insured person or policyholder. These expenses could be in the form of surgical and other medical or dental procedures and prescription drugs. Health insurance can also opt for a reimbursement way wherein the insured will initially pay for all expenses incurred from injury or operations. The healthcare insurance provider will pay for all costs agreed upon in the insurance policy covered.

Here are a few of information you need to know about health insurance:

What is the coverage? Plans on health insurance differ as some programs may have coverage for mental health, dental expenses, and prescription drugs.

What is an important reason for getting health insurance?  It protects your greatest asset, your health.

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