Business insurance can assist you in managing your company’s risks. It provides you financial safeguard from losses that can occur during regular business operations. The insurance company assists in covering the expenses of covered losses up to your policy’s limits.

We provide you many insurance types for businesses including:

  • General Liability– It covers various types of business you are running, the number of employees you have, and other business details.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance– It may help protect your business. When you secure a comprehensive coverage, the insurance pays for non-crash-related damage, including extreme weather, theft, vandalism, falling objects, and other similar injuries.
  • Commercial Property-This  protects a company by covering all costs to keep businesses open if losses occur. This is regardless of whether  you own, rent, or lease the business building.
  • Commercial Umbrella– It serves as an extra protection to your insured business. Commercial Umbrella complements your other liability coverages by taking over when your other liability reaches the coverage limits.
  • Contractor Insurance–  It is a type of insurance that can protect your company from the financial consequences of work-related accidents.  It protects your company in the unforeseen events.
  • Commercial Bonds-It is simply a type of insurance that protects investors against damages incurred by unqualified or qualified businessmen who violate the law
  • Special Events-It is also called one-day event insurance. It will help cover your costs for the sudden cancellation of events or property damage or an accident that occurs during the event.
  • Cyber Liability-It protects your company from internet threats. It is specialized insurance tailored to cover all of the company’s risks due to an information breach–including those you might not have considered.

Speak to our insurance agents and inquire more information on Business Property Insurance.  The Zolezzi Agency team will be happy to know and help your insurance needs.