Special Event Insurance In Oregon

Are you looking for Special Event Insurance in Oregon? Let an agent at Zolezzi Insurance save you time and money by shopping rates with several insurance companies at once.

Busy lifestyles are often jam-packed with social events. We know that much planning goes into your special events, whether it’s auto shows, weddings, conventions, or other special gatherings for celebration or business. But, don’t let an unforeseen circumstance or an accident ruin your careful planning. Too often, many are unprepared for the unexpected. That’s where Special Event Insurance saves the day.

What is Special Event Insurance?

Special event insurance is also called one-day event insurance. It secures your investment in a single event like a wedding. How does it help you? It helps cover your costs for the sudden cancellation of events, property damage, or an accident during the event. It can truly save the day!

What are the Benefits of Special Event Insurance?

Special Event Insurance covers short-term private and public events against property damage and bodily injury lawsuits. Special event insurance may:

  • Help pay for medical bills if a guest is injured in the event; and
  • Protect the venue’s property, including the building(s) and any equipment, from damage.

What are the Coverages of Special Event Insurance?

When planning your event, consider purchasing these two Special Event Insurance coverage types: cancellation and liability coverage.

Event Cancellation Coverage: When something unexpected causes you to postpone or cancel your function, event cancellation coverage reimburses you for deposits and other costs up to your coverage limit.

This coverage also helps cover the costs of rescheduling the venue, caterer, and other vendors if there is a valid reason to postpone. Event Liability Coverage: Many venues require you to purchase event liability coverage to pay for property damage and cover liability from injuries sustained during your event.

What kind of events are covered by Special Event Insurance?

Single-day private activities, as well as single- and multiple-day public or ticketed events, are covered by special event insurance, including:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Reunions
  • Weddings
  • Graduation parties
  • Anniversary parties and many more
  • Farmers Markets
  • Car shows

Which events aren’t covered by Special Event Insurance?

Bachelor/bachelorette parties and public activities, such as dance recitals, sporting events, and exhibits, are usually prohibited by this policy. In addition, the fundraisers and private corporate parties may not qualify for coverage.

When should Special Event Insurance be purchased?

It is highly recommended that you purchase Special Event Insurance as soon as you begin making deposits or purchases for the event. Our professional agents can help you determine the optimal time to purchase coverage and limit your liability during your event.


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