4 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

4 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

When was the last time you considered the air quality in your home? It’s easy to forget about something invisible, but like many around-the-house tasks, clearing the air is well worth your effort.

In the interest of health, safety and keeping your home in good shape, here are a few steps you can take to help your family breathe a little easier.

1. Test for radon gas and install carbon monoxide detectors. 

You can’t see, taste or smell radon and carbon monoxide, but these indoor gases can be dangerous to your health and safety if left undetected.

  • Have your home tested for radon when buying or selling a house. The EPA has more information on radon testing.
  • Purchase carbon monoxide detectors from any hardware store and install at least one on every floor of your home. If you have a garage, it’s a good idea to put a carbon monoxide detector there, too.

2. Run an air purifier to clear allergens and pollutants.

Improve your indoor air quality by filtering out pollen, dust, pet hair and other irritants. If anyone in your household becomes sick with COVID-19, running an air purifier in their quarantine room may provide some protection from floating virus particles. HEPA air purifiers can also help remove smoke particulates during wildfires.

3. Use a dehumidifier.

Is your home prone to dampness? Keep your humidity level under 50% to prevent mold growth. Run a dehumidifier (and clean it regularly) as well as the exhaust fan in your bathroom(s) after every shower.

4. Follow these daily best practices.

In addition to testing and equipment purchases, these simple habits can help maintain your indoor air quality:

  • Open windows in each room as weather permits.
  • Run the exhaust fan in your kitchen during and after cooking.
  • Put doormats inside and outside your main entrance.
  • Consider a “no shoes” rule for inside.
  • Vacuum and dust regularly.

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