Property insurance assures from risks and otherwise other forms of threats to property from fire, burglar or theft, and natural calamities otherwise known as acts of God. Specialized features of this insurance consist of boiler, earthquake, fire, flood, and home insurance.

We provide other Property Insurance coverage including:

  • Home Insurance – This kind of insurance policy covers protection to your house and other possessions in the house when it catches fire,storm, or theft.
  • Renter’s Insurance – It covers loss of personal items for such unfortunate events, even water damage or natural disaster.
  • Condo Insurance– It is a policy that the owner of a condo unit purchases. It usually covers the cost to repair your unit and property if they are stolen or destroyed due to potential dangers such as fire or vandalism.
  • Landlord Insurance– It is a policy that protects against property damage, loss of income due to the rental property being unready for occupancy.
  • Short-term Rental It helps to  cover losses from home damages, injury claims by guests,  even loss of belongings, and to other damages caused by tenants.
  • Earthquake Insurance– It typically carries a higher deductible, as much as 10% of the value of the home’s entire insured value.
  • Flood Insurance-It safeguardsyour home from damages in uncertain times like flood. Securing flood insurance is worth it when considering the injuries and repair costs in rehabilitating your flooded home.
  • Personal Umbrella– This policy is  one of the recommendations to secure your properties. Perhaps, a personal umbrella adds a layer of security to the normal lines of coverage.
  • Course of ConstructionIt is also known as  the Builder’s Insurance.  It is an agreement to protect contractors, developers, and property owners when there’s a need of significant construction or renovation work.
  • Farm InsuranceIt offers coverage from agricultural enterprises, structures, equipment, and to production. 

For Property Insurance coverage, don’t hesitate to call the attention of any of the representatives of the Zolezzi Insurance Agency.